Katrina Head ShotFor the past ten years, I have been following my passion and purpose, learning to be in business from the heart.  The greatest, yet the simplest lessons I’ve learned whilst working in the corporate environment, were to remember to take some deep belly breaths, especially when getting caught up in the stress of it all.  This helps me move from my head to my heart, from here I feel more centred,  make better decisions, feel more grounded and it enables me to speak my truth (a great lesson for someone who used to be quite introverted and shy).

As a result of having journeyed with my own stress and anxiety, I love holding space and providing support for people dealing with their own stress and going through times of deep emotions via essential oils, bodywork, energy work and consultations from my Kedron-based treatment space.

I’m now also leveraging my 25+ years of marketing experience by organising workshops, providing marketing and admin support to people, products and services that are aligned to my personal truth and purpose. I call this process, marketing with heart, sharing rather than selling, helping people to make empowered decisions, building heart-based connections.

If you’re interested to find out more about what I do, please sign-up for my newsletter, or get in touch via email k_jermyn@hotmail.com or mobile (+61) 0411 434 305.