Your Hearts Journey

Through beautiful KaHuna bodywork and AromaTouch Technique sessions, blissful essential oils or engaging workshops and retreats, Journey Home To Your Heart is all about encouraging you to connect with your essence, the truth of your being and live an authentic life.


I love love love the beautiful kahuna massage with Katrina! She’s so gentle and loving, I feel so safe in her presence and space, I can easily drop deeper within, allowing myself to dissolve and flow. So Divine! 😍
I’m usually a deep sleeper and I find myself sleeping even deeper after my session. Woke up the next day feeling so aligned and rejuvenated! 
Thanks so much, Katrina! ✨♥️✨

Anyone wanting a beautiful massage, please check out Journey To Your Heart. Katrina’s massages are amazing. 
The room is temperature controlled to your requirements which I always appreciate, being a cold frog.
Katrina will speak if spoken to or let you fall asleep.
Your whole body will thank you for this!
Thoroughly recommend a massage at Journey Home To Your Heart ♡♡♡

 I had the pleasure of another treatment by Katrina yesterday and let me tell you, it was so very special. Her touch, energy and technique is not only rejuvenating but also very calming and delivered/given with love and much care. I highly recommend you visit her. Treat yourself and go to Journey Home To Your Heart and you will simply float out. I’ll will certainly visit again soon Thanks Katrina. It was spesh.!!!

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